2014-2015 School Goals

Massac Junior High School

2014-2015 School Improvement Goals


Mission: To provide a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success in academics, personal growth, and social achievement.

Vision: Climbing to the pinnacle of excellence today to prepare students to succeed in the challenging world tomorrow.

Values: Ready to Learn, Respectful, and Responsible

Language Arts Goals: 


            Increase each student’s Language Arts ability as measured by Discovery, Metritech, and State Assessments.  

            Actions Plan:

                 1.      Create Common Assessments in Reading

2.     Creating probes in Discovery Learning to assess deficit areas from Tests A,B,C

3.     Promote continuous improvement by introducing at two new quality tools this year

4.     Add RTI Interventions and time for Tier II , III students

5.     Monitor writing with 2 Metritech  type assessments per quarter

6.     Drop Everything And Read (DEAR Time) for monitored independent reading

7.     Analyze data from Discovery, Metritech, Star, and Common Assessments

8.    Hold regularly scheduled meetings at address all of the above

9.    Continue aligning curriculum to the Common Core Standards



Math Goals:

            Increase students Math abilities as measured by District Benchmark and State Assessments

            Action Plan:

1.      Analyze  2014 ISAT Data

2.    Analyze benchmark item analysis

3.    Create  RTI time for Math interventions for Tier II and III students

4.    Hold regularly scheduled math meeting to address all of the above 

5.    Continue aligning curriculum to the Common Core Standards


School Culture Goals:

      Decrease the number of monthly discipline infractions and achieve 50 consecutive school days without a fight.

      Action Plan:

1.      Weekly announcements to inform students of total discipline infractions   

2.      Use Dashboard Discussions to inform students about discipline data

3.      Celebrate success with students when goals are achieved

4.    Discipline Team will meet bi-monthly to analyze data from STI